jueves, 18 de abril de 2013

Did cocaine use by bankers cause the global financial crisis?

"Wall Street got drunk" was George W Bush's typically incisive take on the main cause of the emerging financial crisis in July 2008. Two years later the governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, explained in his Mansion House speech that "the role of a central bank in monetary policy is to take the punch bowl away just as the party gets going" (something that he admitted had not occurred). But perhaps the wrong intoxicant was being blamed. The controversial former drug tsar David Nutt told the Sunday Times this weekend that cocaine-using bankers with their "culture of excitement and drive and more and more and more ... got us into this terrible mess".
The financial crisis on 2008 under the government of George W Bush is one of biggest chaos remembering until now......All this crisis caused by cocaine addiction.
Is really impacting to know that people who take or make bigs or important desition take drugs to be "prepared" for being successful..it seems to me there is a fine line between the medical comment and practical results, because if we know drugs are not healthy other hand give "power" to make or reach goals fastly....this report shows the behavior the people experimenting, they loose control, they don't think in final consecuence, knowing of their desitions can make changing, in a financial way, this world.

jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2012


My strengths:
  • Pronunciation
  • Fluidity

My weaknesses:
  • Vocabulary
  • Understanding
How do I would improve it?
  • Watch english videos
  • Speak more in english wtih partners office
  • Visit english links on the network like "6 minutes english" 
  • Meet people who speak english

martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

                                      SWIMING ACROSS THE NORTH POLE                          Lewis Pugh

This story or his story start talking about the life experience of his father......it says as follow....firstable Lewis Pugh introduce himself saying that when he was a young boy his father told him a sotry about the first atomic bomb test, an he told him ...."The explotion was so loud and the light so intense, so i had to put my hands on my face to protect my eyes but even my hands that covered my face, some light rays goes through my fingers reaching my eyes anyway".... this experience was so powerfull for his father that every summer his father takes to lewis to visit a national park because he understood that nature is so amazing and great but so fragil at the same time so this place inspired him to protect our planet and for lewis and his father has sense because when you know what the atomic bomb can do you switch your mind, because destroy everything in a moment and our planet takes long time to recovered....Josue (his father) told him stories or experiences on the south pole and climbing the Everest mountain too, experiences that he had when was younger, experiences like walking on the ice camp, climb mountains as I said before.....Lewis spent many years for visiting an amazing place like that, a cold place called  north pole, told him, and lewis dreamed that some day would visit that place because his dream is to swim on those waters....And time has arrived......well, finally the first time to visit north pole was seven years ago, and it was very amazing but since he had been there has noted changes, less see ice and so on.....he has swum on those waters and every year is diferent....is changing, the ice is smelting, day by day

......the point in this story is that our planet is changing and we have to do something about it.....Lewis says "I have visiting this place and every year there is less sea ice, mountains are lower and the ground is covered by a thin ice, he saw the bear walking in the thin ice ground searching for food and he had swum to the glaciers that each time are more far....and so on and so on....

In summary the climate in our planet is really changing, it is getting warm, and that is extremely dangerous....maybe our future is less reachable.....

martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

If we consider people need money and  more and more money always for living good, is because our economic system  works like that. But is necesary to understand that companies who give job, want to pay less money or small salary too, in order to protect its own business and obviously for getting more money too.......is like a vicious circle........so the question is....what would do you do, if you are the owner of a company, to having your employees happy or good?, paying small salaries, but giving greats benefits? how would you motivate to them to protec it?
Lets focus on benefits...... 
Firstly, the place you work has to be confortable, it has to be a room for, for example, to have a break, or for personal calling..etc, the other idea is to have a place to have lunch with full equipped kitchen, microwave oven, cofee pot, te pot...and a long table, to receive all employees and not some of them. Other point, can be, the timing work.....the hours you spend to work, if you have jobs to perform or a project to develope, to have o r managing your time as own time, to distribute all work during the week and not dayli.....anyway, things like that can be possible to convence or change the idea that work is possible perform it in a good environment. 

jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

the most annoying about websites


when i visit a website all around the screen is full of advertisinf, wich confuse you to get the real page you want, some time it take you to another website, thing that I hate it....GRRRRRR!!!!!